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For Los Angeles Nose Surgery Patients, Trend is to Retain Ethnic Traits

Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Grant Stevens explain’s that the goal of ethnic nose surgery should be to enhance the nose without compromising natural beauty or facial balance.

Marina Del Rey, California (February 2010) – While the media often focus on celebrities who have had a “nose job” in Los Angeles, there’s another trend that isn’t getting nearly as much attention: rhinoplasty procedures that retain an individual’s ethnic traits. According to Dr. Grant Stevens, board-certified plastic surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, many patients are placing a higher priority than ever on results that retain their key ethnic characteristics.

“With ethnic surgeries it’s particularly important to work with the patient’s natural beauty instead of against it; otherwise the results can look very contrived,” explains Dr. Stevens. “What looks appropriate on a Mediterranean face may look much less natural for someone with African American or Asian features. Patients are seeking out rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles who can avoid those kinds of pitfalls.”

One of the reasons why ethnically sensitive cosmetic surgery procedures are on the rise is that more patients than ever from Asian, African-American, Hispanic and other ethnic backgrounds are opting for surgical enhancements. At the same time, rhinoplasty techniques have advanced far enough that patients have come to expect results that are better customized to look natural.

At Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, every rhinoplasty patient receives a detailed examination of their facial features before they discuss their goals and Los Angeles nose surgery options. This examination helps the doctor assess a whole host of factors that define what looks balanced and beautiful for different patients while also helping to create from the beginning a plan for how to deal with factors that can make ethnic surgery particularly challenging.

“Different ethnic groups have thinner or thicker skin, more cartilage, and a different internal structure to the nose,” explains Dr. Stevens. “All of those factors will affect which surgical approach I’ll take and what kind of results the patient can expect. This kind of variation is part of what makes rhinoplasties so complex, but a surgeon who takes a multifaceted approach to nose surgery can get results that look extremely natural and complement an individual patient’s ethnic heritage.”

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