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Laser Bra Breast Reduction Gives Los Angeles Women Pre-Holiday Boost

The Stevens Laser Bra, performed at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in Los Angeles, helps breast lift and reduction patients achieve a lifted look in time for the holidays and winter getaways.

Marina Del Rey, California (November 2009) – With the year’s end approaching, there’s a foreseeable increase in company parties, celebrations with friends and family, and other social gatherings. Our attention also turns to winter getaways from the snowy ski slopes to warm, sandy beaches. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates are helping their patients prepare to make the most of the good times with breast reduction and breast lift in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

“By planning ahead and having a breast reduction and/or breast lift now, women can recover in time to tackle a time of year that is often dedicated to thinking of others,” says Dr. Stevens. “Many women feel energized by the opportunities that open up for them after a breast reduction. Without the excess burden, they can enjoy a greater variety of physical activities more comfortably. Also, it can be a huge confidence boost to finally be able to wear clothes right off the rack.”

As performed by Dr. Grant Stevens, the Laser Bra is a breast reduction and lift technique that makes a good thing even better. “Breast reduction can have an immensely positive impact on the patient,” notes Dr. Stevens. “The Stevens Laser Bra technique actually offers longer-lasting outcomes. My patients are consistently impressed with the longevity of their enhanced breast shape.”

The Laser Bra is actually an internal brassiere created with the patient’s own excess skin that is usually removed during surgery. The skin is specially prepared for placement within the breast using a laser, and once in place provides a beautiful breast shape along with internal support. When included as part of a breast reduction or breast lift, the Laser Bra offers additional, lasting protection against gravity.

The doctors at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates offer Los Angeles and Beverly Hills breast reduction and breast lift patients laser-assisted surgical techniques for increased precision, as well as minimized bleeding and swelling. Most women are able to return to work approximately 1 to 2 weeks after their Laser Bra breast reduction, although every patient is unique.

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