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Plastic Surgery Practice in California Seeing More International Patients

At Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in Los Angeles, plastic surgeons Dr. Grant Stevens hase seen a rise in the number of patients outside of the United States who want to travel to their practice for cosmetic surgery.

Marina Del Rey, California (January 2010) – One plastic surgery practice in California is turning the medical tourism trend upside-down by becoming a choice destination for plastic surgery patients from outside the US. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates say they are seeing a marked increase in the numbers of international patients coming to the practice for cosmetic surgery procedures.

“We’ve always had a high number of fly-in patients compared to other practices, but recently we’ve just been seeing a lot more patients from places like India and the UK,” explains Dr. Stevens. “We really pride ourselves on providing world-class results, and it’s great to see that our reputation extends this far.”

While Marina Plastic Surgery offers a “fly-in” plastic surgery program that has been popular with US patients for years, they have seen a spike in interest from international patients only recently. The surgeons attribute part of the rising interest to the rocketing popularity of their signature procedures like Laser Bra breast lift and reduction, but say that their new international clientele is not limited just to breast and body contouring patients.

The surgeon’s long track record of success is a big attraction for many international patients, but for facial surgery in particular many patients may seek out a practice because they want remarkable results. Both rhinoplasty and face lift procedures require a high degree of training and an artistic eye, and Dr. Stevens says that many international patients are seeking out a Los Angeles plastic surgeon specifically because of worries that lower-quality work in their own country will lead to complications or a poor cosmetic outcome.

To handle the increasing numbers of “fly-in” patients, Marina Plastic Surgery recently instituted a “virtual consultation” system which allows patients to receive a preliminary evaluation of their needs by email, without having to travel to the practice in person. Both US and international patients can also speak with the practice’s patient coordinator for personal help in making travel arrangements.

“We take the time to make the whole process simple and comfortable for all of our patients, and we felt it was important to extend these benefits to our patients from overseas,” Dr. Stevens explains. “Patients frequently tell us they’ve traveled thousands of miles because they want the best, and this is just one of the many steps we take to help them achieve it.”

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