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In Los Angeles, Silicone Breast Implants Celebrate 3-Year Anniversary

Dr. Grant Stevens celebrates the 3 year anniversary of the FDA’s approval of silicone gel breast implants, and look forward to approval of a next-generation silicone implant in 2010.

Marina Del Rey, California (January 2010) – Breast augmentation patients have plenty to celebrate this new year, as they have just passed the three-year anniversary of the FDA approval of silicone-gel breast implants. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, who offers both saline and silicone-gel breast implants in Los Angeles, says he is pleased to see silicone implants gain in popularity, and he has high expectations for the upcoming “new generation” of silicone breast implants.

“Today’s silicone implants are an incredible advancement over the older options,” comments Dr. Stevens. “The benefits in shape, placement, feel, and general effectiveness can be really dramatic. Also, a 13-year study of cohesive silicone-gel breast augmentation case results of my patients reveals a safety profile for this implant type that is superior to earlier-generation silicone implants. As participants in clinical studies of the latest form-stable silicone-gel breast implants, I am interested in seeing these next generation silicone implants receive FDA approval in the coming year.”

Until liquid-silicone-filled implants appeared in the 1960s, women’s only Beverly Hills breast implant options were saline implants filled with a sterile saltwater solution, which tended to slosh and “ripple” visibly. For surgeons like Dr. Stevens, the 2006 approval of silicone-gel implants after extensive research into their safety meant a large step forward in the options for both patients and surgeons.

In the 3 years since the FDA approval of silicone-gel implants, Dr. Stevens have seen demand for this implant type skyrocket, and augmentations in Los Angeles using “gummy bear” breast implants are now some of their most sought-after procedures. Like most surgeons, thheey will still recommend saline in certain cases, but say that for most of their patients silicone provides both aesthetic and functional advantages.

While gummy bear implants are giving many women plenty of reasons to celebrate, an even newer variation on silicone-gel implants may offer even greater advantages. Several companies producing these “form stable” silicone-gel breast implants have requested premarket approval from the FDA, and many observers expect approval of this implant type for primary breast augmentation in 2010. These form stable implants contain a gel that is more highly cross-linked. Even if cut in half, the implant will completely retain its shape, and yet it provides a very natural look and feel.

“I pride myself on staying on the leading edge of new developments, and I’m certainly excited that women have more options than ever before for their breast augmentations,” notes Dr. Stevens. “As always, my advice is for women to choose a surgeon who has experience with a wide range of implant types, and whose commitment to beautiful results can be seen in before and after photos of their patients.”

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